5 Things You Can Say to Connect with a Woman Besides “Nice Body”

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

This article addresses catcalling, and alternatives to that behavior, including positive examples. It does not contain explicit material. It is written from a cis, straight, female/male binary perspective.

I didn’t want to leave my house today. Some days, it just takes too much energy to interface with the world. But the library app wasn’t working and I had overdue books, so I took a walk.

It’s about five minutes’ walk from my house to the library. I was enjoying the flowers and the sun. I crossed the street to avoid a man who was walking, drinking, and spitting up on himself along the way. I passed several women who ignored me, and I returned the favor. And then I passed three young men having a grand time riding scooters around the public sidewalks.

They seemed friendly and jovial. One rode passed me, so I smiled and said “hello.” He said “hello” back, and then, just as he rode past, just as he could no longer look me in the eye, he said, “You have a great body.” Sigh. I replied, “That was not the right/appropriate thing to say, but thanks.” I wished I’d never left my house.

Catcalling and physical space encroachment come my way on the sidewalk outside my house, on the street, in the grocery store, at my place of work, with family friends, on airplanes, on busses, in healing spaces, with neighbors…in other words, everywhere where I should feel safe.

Sometimes I ignore these things, sometimes I throw someone the bird, sometimes I file a complaint, sometimes I roll my eyes, sometimes I bother to explain why I don’t appreciate the comment, and sometimes I smile because, as a woman with female socialization, I’m so, so good at smiling for men to help them practice being just a little less threatening and entitled for a few minutes so I can go ahead and get through my day.

And I love men. I really do. Men, I love your strength and tenderness, your clarity and purpose, your toughness and kindness, your playfulness and sincerity. I recognize the bind you’re in in a society that demands that you squash your feelings and then be sensitive to others, that demands that you perform with bravado and tramples you when you fail. I see you. But I’m really tired of taking care of you and having to protect myself to accomplish mundane tasks. So if you’re struggling with how to connect, if “Nice body,” to you means, “Hey, I want to connect but I don’t have the skills!”, then here are five things you might say instead:

Will any or all of these work every time? Probably not. Grumpy people are grumpy people, trauma is trauma, and miscommunications are inevitable. But all of them give you the opportunity to be kind, connection-oriented, respectful, non-objectifying, and a just plain decent human being when interacting with other genders, and then I can look forward to taking a walk to the library by myself on a sunny afternoon. And that’s not nothing.

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